Guide to starting Windows 7 for the first time


  • 1) Once windows starts for the first time, it will prompt you to enter your desired username. Pick your username and then press the next button,

  • 2) Now windows prompts you to select your password. This helps secure your laptop and you will enter this password each time you log into windows. Dont forget to enter a password hint in case you forget it. Once complete press the next button.

  • Now Windows requsets that you enter your WIndows product key code so that it can activate your software. This means you can download updates and keep your computer or laptop secure. The product key code is located on the Microsoft certificate of authenticity located on a sticker. This can be found on the top or side of a computer PC or its usuaklly found on the under side of a laptop or under the battery.
  • Enter your product key in the box provided and tick the automatically activate windows when im online box.


  • Windows nows asks your to chose whether you wish for the laptop to automatically updates itself or if you wish to download and install updates manually.

  • Now windows requests that you set the correct date and time and time zone for your location. This is very important as the wrong date and time will casue problems with certain software. Once complete hit the next button.

  • If you have a wireless WIFI broadband connection windows will now scan and detect the networks available to connect to which are around you. Please select your network and enter the connection password. Please select the nework type so windows can set the relevant security level.

  •  Once you have finished completing the setup process windows will now finalise your settings and the Windows desktop will load.