We often get emails and phone calls from our customers asking us what is a chromebook and should they buy one. So we will try to pull all your questions together here and answer them for you.

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a type of laptop that runs Google's Chrome Operating system. Its identical to other laptops in that you willl have a screen, a keyboard and touchpad. They also come in various sizes to suit your requirements.

How much do Chromebooks cost?

Chromebooks are often aimed at the budget end of the laptop market meaning they can be quite inexpensive. We have 11 inch Chromesbooks for sale starting at just £89.99 in price such as this HP Stream 11 Chromebook  or this Acer Xe303 Chromebook. Both of these chromebook models are very small and thin meaning they are easily carried arounf with you for work, holidays or school.

We also have Chromebooks with larger screens such as this 14 inch Chromebook from HP which is just £129.99 shipped.

What programs and Apps are available for Chromebooks?

The programs and apps are increasing every day and they are still optimised to use Google's apps such as Gmail, Google Calender and Google Drive. You can either view this as a positive or negative integration depending upon how you use your PC or phone. For example i have an android phone and i love how everything with the chromebook mirrors my phone from my gmail account to google photos to my google drive account.

You can even now use Microsoft Office online, which is the free cloud version of Office via the google chrome browser.

Chromebook battery life

its no secret that there are less powerful or demanding components inside a chromebook compared to a normal business laptop. The advantage of this is the increase in battery life coupled with the small sizes. All the refurbished chromebooks we sell are guaranteed to have at least a 4hr battery life. This is the least amount of time they will last and its not unusual to have some models lasting up to 10 hours in battery tests.


Just like business laptops which are designed to take a bit of a beating, chromebooks are designed with durability in mind. This lenovo Thinkpad Chromebook we sell here has a specially designed rubberised outer shell which helps protect it from falls and unneccessary scratches. it also has a huge 4GB of RAM which means it will process any tasks you have very fast.

What size of screen do you need?

Most Chromebooks will come with a screen size between 10 and 14 inches. This means you have lots of choice but generally the smaller the screen the smaller and lighter the chromebook. This 11 inch chromebook from HP is available in blue or pink and weighs just a little more than 1KG. This 13 inch chromebook from HP also available in blue or pink weighs just over 1.5kg.

This Lenovo 11 inch chromebook weighs in at nearly 1.8kg but it is strongly built and has superb thinkpad features and a massive 4gb of ram.

This 14 inch chromebook  is the largest screen model we sell from HP and it tips the scales at just over 1.7kg.

What specification do i need in my chromebook?

Chromebooks are meant primarily for online use meaning outright top of the line specs arent as important as they are with a winodws based laptop.

When it comes to RAM chromebooks come with either 2GB of RAM or 4GB of RAM. You will find that models with 4GB are usually more expensive but the more RAM the more multitasking you can do such as having lots of tabs open in google chrome or spotify playing in the background while you do some websurfing or google document writing.

Storage wise you will find that Chromebooks usually come with 16GB or 32GB built inside them. The reason this might seem small is that Google will give you 100GB of Google Drive storage space with your google account so you can store whatever documents, photos or files you wish in the cloud.

How secure is a Chromebook from viruses or getting hacked?

Google often points out thats its Chrome operating system is closed off from most tradition entry points for malware. Its not possible for you to install traditional programs like you would on a windows type laptop and individual apps or pages in the browser run inside sanboxed areas of memory. This means that at each reboot the Chromebook will verify that its software has not been tampered with.

Googles Chrome OS will also download the latest updates and install security patches without you having to do anything. Also because your information is stored in the cloud, if the chromebook was stolen or damaged you will still be able to access this information.

Chromebooks also have a built in reset or restore partition meaning you can easily reset it to factory settings so its like a brand new chromebook again.

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